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21 November, 2017
Rayvr förvärvas av Vobling
8 February, 2018

Virtual Reality enables you to visit places without actually going there. To be able to look around, teleport and interact in a headset is the second best way of experiencing a location (while going there still remains number one!). 


For all of you in the travel, transportation or tourist business – VR will, in one way or another, have an impact on your future way of working. VR will serve as a new tool offering customers to discover, explore, learn and “try before you buy” your offering. The decision making process will change when customers virtually can visit destinations, walk around resorts and its every hotel room and facility. We think customers are going to be inspired in new rewarding ways and that this increased transparency will increase both sales and customer loyalty.

During the fall we have worked together with Thomas Cook Northern Europe and their Swedish travel operator, Ving. Ving wanted to explore how VR can be used to let their future customers visit and get inspired by experiencing a resort in a headset with a smartphone. The project resulted in an iOS & Android app that showcases one of their many great resorts. The feedback from end users has been overwhelmingly positive so far!

By applying our VR white label product, we managed to create a premium product and experience whilst saving both time and money.

We are looking forward to working with Ving and enhancing customer experiences in the travel industry. Virtual travels are here to stay!

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