Christmas gift of the year: a Virtual Reality headset

23 November, 2016
Rayvr about the market at Stockholm VR Meetup
26 October, 2016
[Press SWE] SJ satsar på VR när nya X2000 utvecklas
31 January, 2017
HUI Research AB (owned by the Swedish Trade Association) has, since 1988, annually announced the Christmas gift of the year. The automatic baking machine, the mobile phone, the audio book, headphones and the juice extractor are all examples of products from previous years. And, the Christmas Gift of the Year for 2016 is a VR-headset!

A new VR user

This is the jury’s motivation:

Virtual Reality is described by some as the greatest technical development in modern time. Even if the VR revolution is not here quite yet, 2016 is the year that VR will breakthrough. Games are dominating but video and films are coming. Other possible areas mentioned are virtual museum visits, participation in lectures, or entertainment experiences such as concerts and theatre plays. VR can “teleport” us out of the living room to the game, film or concert.

Selection is based on three criterions:
– The product has to be new or delivered/raised new interest during the year.
– The product is deemed to achieve high sales value or reach high quantities of sold units
– The product has to represent something typical in a given year

Here are some examples of the recent media coverage. Lots of people reading up an learning about VR now: Mobil, Sveriges Radio, Helsingborgs Dagblad (med test), Dagens Industri, SVT, M3, Expressen, Aftonbladet and Dagens Nyheter.

We are excited about the announcement and think it will have a positive effect on uptake and adoption of the VR-market. However, the whole industry is facing a mutual challenge when it comes to bringing high quality and non-gaming content and we´ll need to move beyond gaming and rollercoaster-experiences before the consumption brisk up.

Let’s all help out and bring the newcomers great VR-experiences!

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