6 September, 2017

[Press SWE] Rayvr – vi kör på!

Vi har ett galet år bakom oss med mängder av lärdomar. Vi startade Rayvr förra sommaren med målet att bli ett nischat mediebolag som med immersiv teknik skulle demokratisera live-upplevelser. Det var för tidigt, och efter ett antal “pivots” har vi nu ett erbjudande som har fått fäste på marknaden. Rayvr är idag ett B2B-företag som löser verkliga problem, för […]
6 September, 2017

[Press ENG] Rayvr – going forward!

The past year’s been a bumpy ride with loads of learnings. Rayvr was first launched as an immersive media company with the objective of democratizing live events. It was early, to early, but after a number of pivots we’ve now designed an offering that has gained traction on the Swedish market. Rayvr is today focused on enterprise-VR whereas we solve […]
11 August, 2017

VR in a cylinder to raise awareness for hunger in Africa

The organization Rädda Barnen (Save the Children), Aftonbladet and Fotografiska are working together to raise awareness of the current situation in North East Africa. In Somalia, Jemen, Nigeria and Sudan more than 20 million people are exposed to severe starvation. Because of three years in a row with no (or much less than usual) rain, nothing grows and there is constant water […]
2 May, 2017

Presence in VR – a master thesis

Vision and sound both have a great impact on how we perceive our surroundings. It is obvious that vision is very important in VR but many undersestimate the impact of sound. Together both technologies can create the feeling of presence. In order to learn more about this we were happy to have the student Åsa Linder from KTH with us during […]
19 April, 2017

New opportunities from Facebook F8

F8 is Facebook annual developer event. It takes place in San Francisco, runs for two days and is typically full of announcements and news. The name – F8 – is derived from the recurring 8 hour hackathons that has been a part of the Facebook culture. If you are interested in the VR and AR field there are big things […]
6 April, 2017

Take your pick

Whilst working on our project “The Future of X 2000” for SJ we discovered how powerful VR is in a design and decision making processes. It’s quite obvious that VR can visualize things in new ways but when you ad interactive layers that’s when the mediums visualization capabilities can be taken to the next level and loads of more use cases […]